Women’s Empowerment: Why you don’t need it.

Women’s Empowerment: Why you don’t need it.

Today, I wanted to make a post about one of THE most common motifs in the female self-defence/martial arts industry – Women’s Empowerment.

It’s a nice enough message, and I can see the sincerity in wanting to help women become capable of protecting themselves – and as a result, become empowered.

As a member of the female community, my major issue with this marketing angle is that it suggests women are lacking a quality of character which they can only gain through the type of training being offered.


You. Are. Already. Empowered.

I am not a feminist and don’t subscribe to any political labels, but as a person who happens to have female biology, I have NEVER identified as being unempowered, even when I felt at my lowest. I wasn’t someone who necessarily needed to be empowered. In hindsight, what I needed was to feel my power, to find the evidence of it, to reconnect/connect to it.

This might be semantics to some, but in my opinion, it drastically changes an individual’s mindset from ‘not having the quality of character in the first place’, to ‘already having it, but needing a way to feel it’. If you’re currently in a place where you feel like you don’t have that power, I want you to know, that you DO.

Nothing, no person, no activity can give you that power. There are MANY things in this world that can act as a catalyst for you, but I promise you you’re only experiencing what you already have to begin with. Give yourself the permission to feel it, even if it’s just for a little bit at first. Whether that’s the power to choose a slightly better thought or to do physically do something that makes you even a little happier; right there is proof that you have the power you seek.

Now, if we’re focusing on activities that encourage your inner-power Krav Maga, or any (Combat Sport/Martial Art) is great; whether you’re a man, woman, teen, or child. The truth is that any activity that uses your body to express your inner power will give you that result.

The real benefit in learning Krav Maga is learning the skills for self-sufficiency, understanding the reality of real violence, and discovering your power of choice – all of which are delivered in a way that’s linked to reality. This is what a GOOD Krav Maga program will do.

Good training will challenge you to go beyond your current doubts and re-connect to your natural instincts. It will give you the tools AND mindset to fight back when needed. It will give you permission to be comfortable with listening to your instincts, and remind you of your power of choice so you can avoid (as much as possible) becoming a target of someone else’s f***** up ‘desires’.

I’ve designed my women’s program with Krav Maga Systems to check all those boxes (and more).

Training is focused on what matters to women; learning practical skills and tactics for self-defence and setting up opportunities to test your skills. There’s no point learning the moves if you can’t do it under the pressure of facing someone more aggressive and/or physically stronger than you (on a regular basis). Acclimatising yourself to these situations is your best chance of being prepared, it is NOT enough to do a three-hour seminar. It’s an excellent starting point, just don’t stop yourself there, keep at it.

With Krav Maga Systems’ Women’s Only Program, you’ll learn to use your true power and be your best champion.

If you’re situated around Parramatta NSW, book yourself for the next intake of our Women’s Only program.

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