Vital Points: Get ’em where it *really* hurts!

Vital Points: Get ’em where it *really* hurts!

When it comes to situations that call for you to protect yourself, it is almost a guarantee that what you face in reality will not be the same as what you experience in training. A lot of factors will come into play and you may find yourself having to modify what you’ve practiced so that it works for the conflict you are facing.

The wonderful thing about Krav Maga is that it has a few core principles that when followed allow you to adapt your self-defence skills in these unpredictable situations. One of these corner-stone principles is to be efficient and effective in your actions by striking to Vital Points.

What’s a vital point?
Vital Points are classified as areas of the body which cannot be strengthed and are innately vulnerable to a physical attack.

Vital Points at the front of the body:
Vital points can also be categorised into ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ targets. You want to get into the habit of going for the primary targets first, as they will inflict the most damage to the person attacking you. Secondary targets are useful for when you can’t get to the primary targets, or when you need to apply more pain to the attacker.

Vital Points at the back of the body:
There aren’t as many vital points at the back of the body, however, some points (particularly the cervical spine), when attacked can cause devastating harm and show only be targeted if ABSOLUTELY necessary.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post which looks at each point in a bit more detail, and discusses what effect they create in the body.

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