Some usual and not-so-usual ways to train on your own (that actually work)

Some usual and not-so-usual ways to train on your own (that actually work)

Some usual and not-so-usual ways to train on your own (that actually work)

Solo Krav Maga Training S

Once in a while a student comes to me and says, ‘Kurt, what can I do at home to improve my Krav Maga?’ I think it is important that we all continue to keep our Krav fresh, so I thought I would write you a few simple ideas on what you can do on your own to improve your Krav Maga.

Mirror Training – at least 15 minutes a day: Yes, you have to look at yourself and get very comfortable doing so. You might need to muster some courage to look at yourself, but be brave. Being able to look at yourself and take what you see seriously is confidence boosting. It all starts with the decision to do it! Make sure to keep good form with your guard up and chin down. Work slowly and fast on different techniques/solutions and get it looking ‘sharp and schmick’ as it should be. Imaginary Krav Maga: In your own space, imagine different scenarios in your mind and start physically responding to the problems/situations you’re conjuring up. You want to be mixing it up by defending and attacking, or just attacking, or just moving around (whatever moment in time you want to create). The scenarios don’t have to be something made up, it could even be from a video you saw or a story you heard. Really work towards creating a contextual understanding for yourself and being able to piece it all up. You need to be able to imagine someone/s attacking you and then imagine your responses and how they would respond to your response, and so on. When you can do that in multiple ways, and understand movement patterns, you can really take your Krav Maga to another level. Shadow Flow: Work on all your techniques in the air, slowly and with ‘flow’. Spend 15 minutes a day doing this, and then you could literally move back to tip 2 and build it to using the techniques in your imaginary ‘situations’. Get comfortable in your own skin! I always see newbies acting all awkward and stuff, thinking hard and not moving much. On the contrary, Sir or Madam, move as much as you can and get rid of that awkwardness. Constant movement is important! Hit Something: Get a punching bag and a floor ceiling ball. These are great for working on combinations, punching power, speed and accuracy – every fighter, martial artist, and Kraver needs to develop these attributes. Get Happy Feet: Practice footwork and movement using a rope: traverse over it forwards and backwards, then side to side, adding combinations. Feel free to add defences into the picture. Use your environment: Move around your house (or any place your feel comfortable) like you’re on a mission to save the world, or someone, or something. Use your imagination and move around taking on different threats and using your environment tactically – just like when kids are playing, pretending they are superheroes. Have fun with it, or be as serious about it as you want. It’s common for people to look at you like you’re crazy, but keep in mind that they’re the ones really missing out on the action. Or… When you’re walking the streets, imagine different scenarios and play them out as you walk along. I try to do this when I go for midnight walks and runs only as you could look really mad doing it. Jump off walls, do a sprint like you’re running for your life, use your environment, grab common objects and use them (or spot them and think about how you can use them), pretend to run into different threats and defend yourself viciously before moving on and getting to the next point. This is heaps of fun and feels very primal when you do a good session!

I’ll leave it at that for now. Nothing beats real partner work and training in the gym and from different locations, but everyone needs to be doing something on the side by themselves. That’s just a fact! Feel free to share your ideas, comment and contribute. I’ll be sure to add more later!



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