Learn, train, connect and walk in peace

Connect with us!

Be part of an open-resource community!

Krav Maga Systems was first created from a desire to create a neutral place for all Krav Maga Instructors to come to where they can enhance their skills and knowledge. We want to achieve this by creating a cohesive culture among ALL Krav Maga practitioners. A culture, where there aren't as many rifts between organisations, where there's no longer the repeated story of "Our Krav Maga is the true Krav Maga".

Like us, all that you care about is being the best you can be with your Krav Maga skills and knowledge, and learning high-quality authentic Krav Maga.

That's what Krav Maga Systems has been created for: to support you in your continual progress!


Whether you're currently an Instructor or looking to be one, you can find resources to help you reach your goals. From physical training opportunities to online information.
Constantly, resources are being created to give you the opportunities to take yourself to new levels as both a teacher and a student. Here you'll be getting the information you have been wanting to run great classes, seminars and workshops. Learn about the topics that interest you and share that knowledge with your students.

There is a catch though....

You have to be willing to leave your preconceived notion of 'organisation' out the door! Krav Maga Systems is NOT an organisational body. It is an open-resource community!

There are NO requirements to wear the Krav Maga Systems brand (although you can choose to).
There are NO requirements to ditch your current affiliations.
There are NO requirements to only train with one group of people or instructors.


Choose from the resources we have available that interest you.

Enrol in programs, courses and events that are put together in collaboration with some of Krav Maga's most knowledgeable leaders.
Provide students with the extra training resources they are looking for (no longer will they have to watch youtube videos to train).Access teaching tools that will make it easier to present great classes.
Get the business and marketing support that will help you reach new goals.


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