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Before you apply for the sync, make sure you have this:

Proof of I.D. (copy of birth certificate, driver's license or proof of age card).
Police Check (criminal history check).

Please have AT LEAST one of the following:

Current training passport or proof of training and teaching (these must have at least one validation from a legitimate trainer).
All teaching and training certificates.
A written statement of training and teaching history (something similar to a Krav Maga Resumè or CV - this must be signed by a relevant and legitimate witness.

If you're interested in doing this, please click on the 'Apply Here' button at the top. 

Sat May 28th - Mon 30th 


Fri June 10th - Sun June 12 th

Krav Maga Systems Instructor Sync Hong Kong

Location: Hong Kong

Time: 9am-5pm


Krav Maga Systems Instructor Sync Sydney

Location: Parramatta, Australia

Time: 9am-5pm

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About this program

Krav Maga Systems Instructor Synchronisation is a two-three day process that allows current Krav Maga Instructors to teach Krav Maga Systems' curriculum, programs and courses. The programmes and courses available to you will depend on your rank and experience level.

Once you pass the sync it is not required for you to be exclusive to Krav Mafa Systems, it's your choice if you want to train with other groups or just utilise our network. The benefits of doing the Krav Maga Systems Instructor Synchronisation include:

 Being part of a neutral, non-political resource network.
Learning from more than one person and one body; this means you can train with other organisations and still be part of our community.
Learn to be a KM instructor from a reputable body who is interested in helping you excel and reach new heights

Leveraging off of the knowledge of Krav Maga Systems' Senior Instructor with real-world experience, and over 25 years experience in self-defence, martial arts, and Krav Maga.
Endorsement by Krav Maga Systems as a qualified Instructor (students and potential students will see you are part of a Krav Maga network from your school).
The rights to teach our curriculum, programs and other teaching material.
Access to online resources for you and your students (including an online passport, technique library, teaching resource library, business, marketing resources, one on one consulting, web-help and more).
Discounts to courses, programs, and workshops; with more and more lead by internationally renowned Krav Maga experts and self-defence industry leaders.
Being part of a team who lives, breathes and eats Krav Maga, and has the passion for bringing it back to its authentic, realistic roots.
Become part of our team: Get to know our Senior Team, our Operations Team and everyone else! We're a community and everyone is willing to help you!
Get holistic with your Krav Maga curriculum: ours is not watered down and it is the most modern, practical and effective in giving you a complete understanding.
Make connections with different Krav Maga Experts, Masters, and general practitioners.

Plus more features and innovations that will release over time.

You will be tested on your understanding of the curriculum, how well you can teach it and your current skills. You'll also receive relevant information on the culture of Krav Maga Systems, the teaching resources you will have available to you and how your students will ultimately benefit.

Our Promise to you.

Krav Maga Systems was created to give Instructors a neutral place to gain resources to help them teach and reach their potential. You'll be connected to a network that greatly values teaching safety and 'no-b.s.' approaches to self-defense. 

We are dedicated to this cause, and rely on you to help make this a community that addresses the needs of all instructors and students, you are valued and we will always do our best to support you and your students. We are here for the long-run.

Future Instructor Synchronisations.

Our next Instructor Synchronisation for 2016 is in June in Sydney, Australia. Contact us for details.

If you're keen to host an Instructor Synchronisation process in your gym, wherever you are, please contact .