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Female Awareness & Safety Training (F.A.S.T)

4 Week Women's Only Krav Maga Self-Defence Program

F.A.S.T as the name suggests, is a quick self-defence program for women 13 years and up.

Over 4 weeks you'll learn straight-forward, effective techniques and methods for recognising, preventing, and surviving common assaults faced by Women.

The course is perfect for females who want to train in a female-friendly environment and get a basic understanding of Krav Maga. It's also very useful for those who are busy or those of you who may want to start off a bit more lightly.

You'll develop your fitness while you learn lifesaving self-defence skills. You do not need to have any previous experience to do this one-off course, and it is open to females from the age of 13 and up. 

More Information About F.A.S.T

F.A.S.T ( Female Awareness & Safety Training)


Just 4 weeks, to a fitter and safer you (open to women 13 years+)


Have you ever...

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you somehow found yourself involved in a life-threatening situation? Let's be honest, this subject really isn't the most fun thing to think about, and it's usually an unwanted thought in the back of your mind. Maybe you've seen a news report of an attempted kidnapping, or sexual assault and it's put your mind on the subject - perhaps you heard a similar story from a friend. Once the idea is present in your mind, sometimes you can't help but delve in a little further and ask the question: "What would I do?"

Maybe you've responded with some of these thoughts:
  • "I'd never get caught in that situation in the first place."
  • "I'd scream and yell, scratch his face/fight and get away."
  • "I'd find a way out of there."
  • "I'd wait for the right moment and run."
  • "I'd talk my way out of it."
  • "I'd wait for someone to intervene and help me."
  • "I'd just give them what they want and run."
Most of us think we'd do something, but there is a fact that most of us don't consider: The role our natural responses play. Any situation that's perceived as a threat to our safety(physical or not)forces our mind and body to kick into survival mode.
You can either:
  • Fight
  • Flee, OR
  • Freeze.
Fighting or Fleeing are proactive reactions that can work to keep you safe. The freeze response though, greatly decreases your ability to get out of the situation safely. It causes you not to be able to do anything; you can't talk, or move or react to what's happening - it could last a few seconds or much longer. Anytime spent in the freeze response . You can't really know if you'll react this way until you are put in such a situation.

What happens to your body and mind when you face danger?

When adrenaline hits your system, your blood rushes to your body to get you ready to either fight or flee. Your ability to reason and logically think becomes greatly diminished, and your mind may not work the way you need it to in the heat of the moment.

There have been numerous accounts of Women who've found themselves in situations they'd never thought they'd be in. You've heard them before, they say "I never thought this could happen to me". They often also say " I thought I would at least do something. I thought I would yell, or fight back, but I didn't. I just was in shock, in disbelief."

How can you stop this from happening?

The best way to prepare for this inevitable process is to get used to it, to learn what you can expect from yourself. The F.A.S.T program uses Krav Maga training methodologies that simulate this response and teaches you how to combat it.

Of course, it is all done in a non-threatening and easy-to digest way. Wouldn't you say it's better to be prepared and know exactly what to expect than to assume you will react the way you've imagine you would? It's uncomfortable to consider, but what if it doesn't work out the way you expected?

What you'll get from the F.A.S.T program:

This program is not about singling out women and making it look like you need saving. Did you know that men are just as likely (if not more) to be victims of assaults than women? The F.A.S.T Women's Program is designed to create a great learning environment that can teach you proven strategies to deal with those situations you've entertained in your mind.
In short, you'll get:
  • Instructions for how to verbally respond to prevent conflict.
  • An approach that is simple and effective for fighting off physical threats (learn to use your bodies natural tools and reactions to get away as quickly and easily as possible).
  • Strategies for limiting your bodies 'freeze' response.
  • You'll get invaluable information about what to look out for. to avoid the these situations entirely.
  • The confidence to keep your boundaries and assertively establish them.
If you're curious to really see what you need to do, come along to the program. You'll walk out of it feeling even more sure of yourself, more aware and more prepared than you ever were. Go beyond just entertaining the idea, prove to yourself that you can do it.

**terms and conditions: price of training is non-refundable. You may request an exchange of services that equal the amount of purchase.**