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Learn how to defend yourself with Krav Maga in 7 weeks!!!!


Introducing Immersion, a Krav Maga Systems> program designed to teach you how to defend yourself in the shortest manner.

Have you ever wanted to fully immerse yourself in something like learning a self-defence or martial art but just haven't had the time?


Here is an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in this 7 week program and learn all the core fundamentals of the art of Krav Maga.
This program guarantees to teach you all the basics of how to keep yourself safe and sound from the majority of threats that you will face!

We created this for you firstly because everywhere you read, you see that Krav Maga is designed to be quick to learn.
It's pasted everywhere, 'Designed to be learned in the shortest time possible'. In the early days of its development (around the 1940s) it was designed to train a basic soldier to be ready for hand to hand combat in the shortest time possible. Today though, it seems that you need to sign up for a long-term program to learn the core fundamentals. And you don't have the time for that!
It's called the 'Dojo System', a civilian model of teaching self-defence and martial arts over time. But it's NOT FOR YOU!
On top of this, you're just a busy person. You work pretty much 9 to 5 on a good day, and then have to get home, cook, clean, look after the kids, go to the gym, and do pretty much whatever it is that you do. Lacking in time is pretty stressful, we understand the feeling and for that reason also decided to run this program.
ALL INTENSIVE: 7 Week Complete Self-Defence Program.
Train just 1 day a week for a solid 2+ hours and do it for a total of 7 weeks
Once you've done that your training is over and you go back to your normal schedule. It's basically just like going to a college and learning a new skill. In this case you're protecting yourself against crime and learning skills and knowledge that can keep you safer and potentially save your life, or the life of another.
You'll come out of the program with a Certificate of Attendance and some serious self-defence skills and knowledge that will last you a lifetime.
Invest just a few hours, once a week for 7 weeks and you're investing in your own personal safety. It's really as simple as that!
In the 7 week program you'll be introduced to the topic of self-defence, fighting, combat and many other things related to it. You'll learn about conflict, what it does to you, how to handle it and ultimately how to prevent it from ever happening. This program gives you a complete arsenal of tools that you can use to keep yourself safe and well, away from danger.
The founder of Krav Maga Imi, based his system largely on principles. In this course you'll learn all of them and you'll discover a very holistic approach that combines the theoretical, and the practical aspects of self-defence.

After the 7 weeks you'll have:

  • A few stories to tell, a few bruises and lots of controlled fights and pressure tests/drills under your belt.
    Fighting is optional, but recommended for the full experience and so you can test yourself under pressure.
  • A certificate to show that you participated in the Immersion program
  • The ability to fight well under pressure, no matter what situation you find yourself in
In this course of 7 weeks you'll learn how to defend yourself against all types of criminals.
  • Learn how to defend against grabs, chokes, locks and other problems
  • Learn how to fight and defend yourself against any attack
  • Learn the principles of 'fighting dirty and efficiently'
  • Learn about vital points and tactics to give you the upper hand
  • Learn how to defend against weapons such as sticks, guns and knives
  • Learn about the psychology of the attacker, as well as your own so you know 'how to handle yourself'.