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Krav Maga Practitioner Program

Krav Maga Practitioner Program is a core class for beginner to intermediate students. It is a structured program that is designed to develop the skills of a beginner level Krav Maga student to intermediate level.

It takes a minimum of 18 months to complete a Fundamentals program in full if you can commit to consistent training. At the end of it, you should expect to have a good foundation for your own self-protection. 

This program takes you through the first tier of Krav Maga (refered to as Practitioner Rank 1-5 in the industry, and/or the equivalent of White Belt to Green Belt). 

Once you have passed all the required learning outcomes of this program and completed your checkpoints, you'll be eligible to test to progress to the Graduate Program. Successfully completing this makes you eligible for the Graduate Program which includes intermediate and advanced core and elective learning opportunities.

Things You'll Learn In This Program

Learn about the whole process of conflict and its stages: Knowing them will give you a complete picture of how conflict escalates.
Discover how you can prevent, diffuse, de-escalate and ultimate know what to do in conflict: best and worst cases!
Find out what happens physiologically to you under stress, and discover how knowing these can give you vital clues to the intentions of a threat.
Understanding the mindset you'll need to survive real violence and conflict and train to enhance them.
Learn about the science of self-defence: The psychological, physiological, biomechanical processes, etc.
You'll learn how to defend yourself and fight.
Deal with common problems like: hand attacks, leg attacks, takedowns, throws, grabs, chokes, weapons threats and attacks, multiple attacks and a whole lot more!

Benefits of Krav Maga:

Increased Perception & Awareness

First you will learn how to spot trouble a mile away, and how to avoid it. You will learn to use simple and effective movements in various combinations to fend off any violent attacks. This means that through your training you will improve your ability to adjust to new situations through improvisation training, an important and unique feature of this system. Of course, this requires using your “head” as well as your body, and thus our Krav Maga training programs address your thought process as well as physical action.


Gain More Confidence

Improvisation also allows for limitations in your physical abilities. Not everyone can bring his or her leg up to a 180-degree angle, and therefore the system is geared towards teaching people from all walks of life, from those who aren't very athletic, to those of you who train all day long.

As a student you are taught a variety of possible defensive reactions for each possible attack or situation you can face, building upon an actual framework of use-able techniques.  You are then encouraged to utilise the responses that are appropriate for you. This is a process that you will find builds huge confidence in your ability.

Build Your Fitness

Physical fitness is closely interwoven into the system, your workout always includes a number of cardiovascular and strength building exercises, as well as stretching to increase your flexibility.

Emphasis is put on developing attributes that will enhance your ability to survive such as speed, endurance, strength, accuracy and coordination.

Krav Maga is a system for those of you seeking some serious self-defence training. It also caters well for those of you who come from a martial arts background, and it's common for martial artists to fall in love with this amazing system.