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What Krav Maga Systems is all about:

If you're anything like us, you absolutely love Krav Maga. You love the concepts, the training and teachings that it's based on and you love sharing that knowledge with as many people as you can. 

Krav Maga, is to us, what education is to children; everyone should have the opportunity to learn and progress in it - whether you're just starting out or are well and truly living it and breathing it. Krav Maga Systems is here to create for you as many opportunities as possible.

Are you a student or want to start training?

Find out how Krav Maga Systems can help you.

When you train with a Krav Maga Systems school or Instructor, you will be learning from people who care for your personal safety and have the knowledge to prepare you for the realities of self-defence. Expect to come to training and waste no time. Depending on the school or instructor you learn from, you can choose from long-term, short-term, private training, and customised programs.

Everyone is different in what they can do with their physical capabilities, we give you the principles, tools and strategies that work for you, give you a strong framework, and skillset to use for self-defence. You don't need to have any previous experience or be an athlete to do Krav Maga, it is truly a system of self-defence for the every day person. Simple, proven, effective. continue reading...

Are you an instructor or want to be one?

Find out how Krav Maga Systems can help you.

Krav Maga Systems was first created from a desire to create a neutral place for all Krav Maga Instructors to come to where they can enhance their skills and knowledge. Constantly, resources are being created to give you the opportunities to take yourself to new levels as both a teacher and a student. Here you'll be getting the information you have been wanting to run great classes, seminars and workshops. Learn about the topics that interest you and share that knowledge with your students.

Whether you're currently an Instructor or looking to be one, you can find resources to help you reach your goals. From physical training opportunities to online information. continue reading...