In comes, Krav Maga Systems!

In comes, Krav Maga Systems!

‘Today on January 10, 2015, Krav Maga Systems is born! This is the new generation of Krav Maga training and education. It is designed specifically for the community, and has the highest levels of passion, innovation and Krav Maga education that you will find.

Our focus is on educating Krav Maga students and instructors, and acting as a networking ‘hub’. It will be achieved through creating a learning environment that will allow you to thrive as Krav Maga practitioners and instructors.

We are not interested in the politics. We welcome all people to come, learn and develop their Krav Maga to the highest potential.

We’re all about the people; that being you, our community, our friends and anyone else seriously interested in learning and developing their own personal arsenals; for self-defence, confidence, and so on. We will give back to the community in ways never before seen in the Krav Maga world. Right now Krav Maga Systems is a baby. As we develop and time passes, you will see us reveal all our products, services and innovations. We encourage you to keep watching us to see our story unfold!

In the next few weeks you will discover more about us as we launch our official website and tell you what we’re all about. We will also present some of the things we’re doing in the next few months and beyond. Stay tuned 🙂

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