Finding ‘me time’ and ‘self-defence time’

Finding ‘me time’ and ‘self-defence time’

How often do you find yourself stressed, pressed and ‘gasping’ for time?

For many of us, these feelings and thoughts are very common, especially these fast track days we are living. Although not new, this is the epidemic of the new era:stress.

While feeling as though we don’t have enough time and that there is nothing we can do about it, that it’s out of our hands, we get stressed, we stay stressed every single day and things can only go wrong from there. This stress epidemic is dominant in our culture these days, this culture of fast food, fast cars, fast everything. A culture of ‘plugged in’ people, where we find ourselves glued and stuck all the time to a phone, laptop, tv or all at once even?!

There’s an enormous amount of stress and pressure put on women nowadays.

Women today want to have it all: careers, families, kids, friends, etc. While, doing some or all of that puts us in the superhero category, that leaves us with no time for ourselves. Women are devoted creatures, we love to make others happy, we love to see our families happy and we keep on going and pushing without realising that our brain and body will most likely go in burnout mode.

Research shows that lack of free time, that ‘me’ time, is making women feel overwhelmed, less happy and depressed.

The first step in finding that ‘me’ time is making yourself a priority. You have to just realise how important giving yourself a break is and stop being afraid or feeling unworthy of putting yourself on the list and even in the priorities category. The next step is to start scheduling your ‘me’ time. A very effective method to break that mental barrier is treating your free time as important as a child’s doctor visit or a business meeting. The last step is that you have to realise you don’t need a lot of time. Your ‘me’ time can be 5-10 minutes long or it can be 30-60 minutes long. It all depends on you! Here are a few ideas of how to spend some quality ‘me’ time:

  • Call a friend to chat
  • Get up from the desk and have a little stretch
  • Meditate or breathe deeply with you eyes closed
  • Listen to some music
  • Read from a book
  • Have a walk in a park
  • Get a massage
  • Go to a salon
  • Schedule a class that you’ve always wanted to take (self-defence, cooking, yoga, etc.)
In self-defence, be it Krav Maga or any other system, we hear the ‘time’ excuse once too many times. This“I’m too busy” “I don’t have time” “It takes too long”is a lie you keep telling yourself.

Time for self-defence is ‘you’ time. It is time spent on getting the knowledge to keep yourself and your family safe. It is time you can have fun, meet new friends, get a good workout and get stronger and fitter. Too many of us end up believing the “I don’t have time” lie and let it run our lives. To all the women that want to learn self-defence but think they don’t have time, picture this: Whenever anything serious and urgent happens (we get sick, a family member gets sick, etc.) all the the things we have to do gets pushed back. We realise how unimportant everything is and we make time for the important and urgent matters.

Self-defence is one of those important matters that needs to be prioritised and we should always make time for.

Finally, just try to not overlook on the importance of ‘self-defence time’. Remember and live with the awareness of something serious happening, so you don’t lose focus of the important things in life. Just give yourself more time and space and remember that we are the authors of our own lives and we can take over our schedule, we can say ‘no’ and we can push back all that we have to do.

The day we stop being a victim of time and stand up for our ‘me’ time, our lives will become more fulfilled and we will truly be happy.


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