Gain the skills you need to walk in peace.

Do you want to have the physical and mental skills to prevent and deal with the reality of violence?

krav maga beginner program

Did you know people who do  Krav Maga…

Gain an ESSENTIAL (but often over-looked) life-skill; the ability to protect themselves

Become more confident and assertive in their daily interactions

Learn fighting and combat skills for real-world use.

 Develop physical fitness and athletic ability

 Are better prepared to handle life when it become unpredictable

Adults krav maga classes

Krav Maga is a real-life system designed to learn self-defence for adults who want to gain confidence, improve their fitness and well-being, and set and achieve goals with the help of qualified instructors. But more importantly, you’ll learn how to identify danger and aggression, control your fear and use it to your advantage to escape from a threatening situation before it escalates into violence. If violence does become an issue, you’ll also know how to react quickly and get to safety.

Would you like to improve your physical and mental health, develop life and leadership skills, and learn to protect yourself and your family all in one place? Apart from learning self-defence for adults, our program offers the opportunity to do just that, in a safe and supportive environment. Take the next step towards improved wellbeing and join us today!

Please note: In order to start training in any Adults Krav Maga program, you must do a free trial in the Fundamentals program (or attended the next info session).

Foundations Program

ongoing program

The Foundations program teaches you the bare basics of movement, striking, tactical decisions making and defensive strategies. Anyone from 13+ can participate. 

Practitioner Program

long-term program

This program is technically focused and takes longer to complete. It’s for those dedicated to immersing themselves in the system of Krav Maga and mastering themselves physically and mentally. Start at our white belt equivalent and progress to becoming a Krav Maga expert. 

Fundamentals of Krav Maga

Short Course


This program is for someone new to Krav Maga and close combat training. It’s designed to teach the fundamentals of Krav Maga and build your skills.

master class

members only access

This is a special class only available to members. Hone in on your technical, tactical, combat and self-defence skills. You’ll also get to learn things outside of the Krav Maga curriculum that will give you an edge to your skill set.

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